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  • Implement policies, plans and programs related to the development, transformation, utilization and commercialization of renewable energy resources including emerging energy technologies (REMB Functions).
  • Implement policies, programs and regulations related to the exploration, development and production of indigenous petroleum, coal and geothermal energy resources (ERDB Functions).
  • Implement policies, plans, programs and regulations on new energy technologies, alternative fuels and the efficient and judicious utilization of conventional energy resources (EUMB Functions).

Scope of Responsibility

  • Conduct preliminary resource assessment for renewable energy (RE), natural gas, and coal exploration and development.
  • Conduct coal mine monitoring, audit, safety inspection and accident investigation (COC and SSCMP holders).
  • Conduct monitoring activities of Barangay Electrification Projects (BEP).
  • Implement Household Electrification Program (i.e. rapid rural appraisal, social preparation activities, technical monitoring, etc.).
  • Supervise/monitor Affiliated Renewable Energy Centers (ARECs) in Mindanao.
  • Conduct energy conservation spot check to national government agencies.
  • Conduct IEC on energy efficiency and conservation and Government Energy Management Program.
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